Turn Moments Into Memories
Bokeh is a mobile lifeblogging service that lets you save and share the moments of your life, organizing them into an easy-to-browse website found at yourusername.bokeh.com.
Revisit the Days of Your Life
You live your life in days, so why organize your memories into albums? Bokeh helps you tell the story of your days, and makes it extremely easy to revisit any day in the past.
Use Bokeh's year calendars to take journeys through your life. The view puts 365 days at a time at your fingertips.
Simple and Streamlined
Maintaining a daily life blog doesn't need to be a hassle. Bokeh is designed to make saving your memories as pain free as possible. Adding new moments is a breeze!
Other Features
100% Free Bokeh is a completely free service — we won't charge you a cent!
Unlimited Storage There are no limits on the number of moments you can add each day. Save all the memories you want.
Save Originals Original, full-resolution versions of all your photos can be automatically saved to your device.
Public OR Private Bokeh pages are public by default. Add a password to your website to make your Bokeh private.
Real-Time Updating Bokeh sites can show new moments as they're created, putting the 'live' in 'liveblogging'.
Add a Time Delay Increase privacy by delaying the time between when moments are created and when they appear on your site.

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